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In reading Sunny and Malcolm, I was reminded of my experiences with obtaining and living with a service dog. As an Iraq Veteran, I can attest to the difficulties of suffering from war related injuries, seen and unseen, and their effects on family. Sunny and Malcolm shows how families can use the tools available, including service dogs, to deal with a veteran’s disabilities.
                 —Bill Thomas, service dog owner and Iraq War veteran

Wonderfully informative and written with heartfelt compassion. Sunny and Malcolm gives readers insight into the life of an assistance dog once he has found his way into a family. The book covers multiple disabilities and emotions and can help children to understand that they are not alone with their feelings when the adult in their life is experiencing major life adjustments.
                                                         —Geri Spencer, RN case manager

Sunny’s mom, Amanda, returned from deployment in Afghanistan injured and confined to a wheelchair. Spark, her service dog, helps her regain independence. When Sunny accompanies Mom and Spark to appointments at the veteran’s center, she meets Malcolm whose veteran dad, Gabe, also has combat-related injuries. Sunny and Malcolm become friends and decide that Gabe, too, needs a specially trained service dog. Together they strive to make it happen.

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